There is anything worse to ruin your perfectly planned vacation than to drive a car that has not been maintained or cleaned. Isn’t it Especially when it’s a rented car.

At Pak Car Rentals, we affectionately take care of our cars because we take pride in what we do. We pledge ourselves to deliver safe and reliable cars that are always clean and ready to hit the road. The average rental car travels 3,000 km per month with a life span of roughly 24 months (or 70,000 km) whichever comes first.

At Pak Car Rentals we know our cars must continuously be maintained. Our qualified technicians make sure that each car must perform at its absolute best, guaranteeing a stress-free rental experience. We know, we deliver outstanding service, and we work round the clock to make that happen. How do we achieve this? Our cars are serviced every 15,000 km or as per the manufacturer’s
service guidelines. An average rental car in Islamabad, unfortunately, does not enjoy this luxury. As a result, the cars complete their life span much earlier than those of Pak Car Rental.

Our regular service includes:

  • A complete safety check.
  • Tire: Checking tire pressure, rotation of tires and the steering alignment
  • Batteries are checked, cleaned and ensured to be at the optimum performance level
  • Engine oil, oil filters and air filters are changed at every service (or 15,000 km)
  • Brakes are checked, cleaned and adjusted where applicable
  • Monitoring of all fluids (Brake, Steering, Transmission and Windshield Washer) regularly is
    mandatory and changed when needed.

Islamabad enjoys a beautiful landscape with soothing weather. We are proud of our nation’s capital and are devoted to keeping it as it is. This sense of responsibility reflects our service too. Aesthetics is as important to us as it is to you. Hence, we ensure cleanliness – the car you rent will always look good – inside and out. Our cars receive full service after every rental, guaranteeing you a clean, fresh car to start your journey with. Our car interior (seats and floors) are vacuumed. Dashboard and steering are cleaned and sanitized to ensure your health safety. After every rental, the engine fluid and tire pressure are checked. This ensures the car handles and performs well, is fuel-efficient, and delivers a smooth ride. The car exterior is washed and dried to give you a sparkling look and you drive out of the lot satisfied and more importantly, feeling confident.

So, besides our unmatched rates, deals, and outstanding customer service, our regular car maintenance, and cleaning guarantee your safety and comfort. It helps contribute to what Pak Car Rental is ever-striving for absolute customer satisfaction. Planning a trip after the lockdown, then consider Pak Car Rentals for Rent a car in Islamabad services.